Masala – the Road through India, 2008

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The Great Indian road trip with that curious world traveler and purveyor of maps, Stephan Van Dam.  Lots of ruminations about how westerners look at India and how we, too, or we two,  look at India from Rajasthan in the North — Delhi, Accra and Jaipur, Deogar (for Christmas) and Uduipur — then flying to Chenai in the south and driving down the East coast to Pondicherry (for New Years), then driving the zig-zag route to the West Coast through the famous temple towns of the South (Tamil Nadu)  over the tea and spice sprinkled hills before descending to the coast — to Cochi in Kerala.  After  a couple of days to recover on the inland water ways we headed even further south to Trimvandirum.  More chiles and coconut in the dishes.   A flight north to Bangalore to check out that silicon valley of India before heading home.


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  1. Abby Robinson says:

    Having spent time in India with my eyeballs spin around in their sockets, the impressions voiced in this travelogue/tale of adventure vividly reminded me of all the things I really love about India as well as all the difficulties and frustrations in traveling there. Though I’d go back in a heartbeat.

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