Production Chronology

2016:  “Justice & the Generals,” 90 min. PBS doc., re-launch, Univ. of Miami (March)and Roxie Theater, the Mission, San Francisco (June).

2016:  “Forbidden History, Subjects & Ideas,” 3 Quarks Daily webzine (March) and author’s blog,,  March 14,

2016:  Forbidden Fruit—1980 Beijing, a Memoir, published by Van Dam, Feb. See author’s website for interviews, reviews, reading schedule:

2016:  “The Big Chill—Missing Hong Kong Publishers,” 3 Quarks Daily, Jan. 25,

2015:  “Nicole Mones—Desire, Identity & Love”  Dec. 9,

2015:  “Zhang Yimou’s Comin Home—Ellipsis or Omission?”  Oct. 19,

2015:  “Zhang Hongtu, a Retrospective at the Queen’s Museum,”  Nov 6,  author’s blog,

2014:  “Facing the Truth in China, Song Binbin’s Cultural Revolution.” Moyers Media & Truthout,

2011:  Archival website – 40 years of my work in radio, tv, print and web – an on-going project.

2011:  “Ai Wei-wei in New York:  1983-93  – a Photo Exhibit & Book;”  review commissioned and published in the webzine:  Trans-Asia Photography Review, 4th Quarter, 2011

2010:   “Vindication – A Love Story in Three Parts,”  Screenplay;  Public Reading in New York City with Juliet Rylance as Mary Wollstonecraft;

2009:  “Don’t Get Sick,”  a cheeky personal perspective and counterpoint to the attack on the Canadian Health care system during the debate about health care reform in the U.S.;  published in the webzine,

2008:  “Masala:  The Indian Road Trip,”  published on this website

2007:   “From Family Circle, to Public Square,” a multi part series about  international feminist pioneers from the 18th to the 21st century, a docu-drama proposal for tv and   web;  in progress

2004:   “Liberty in the Air,” (60 min) Slavery and the Making of America (4 part series;  Thirteen-WNET;  PBS New York; Funder:  New York Life Insurance Co.

2002:   “Justice and the Generals,” (90 min),  ©Gail Pellett Production, Inc;  in co-operation with Thirteen-WNET;  PBS; Funders:  Florence & John Schumann Foundation, Soros-Sundance Foundation,

2001:    “A Death of One’s Own,” and “A Time to Change” (90 min each), On Our     Own Terms:   Moyers on Dying;    Public Affairs Television, Inc., PBS; Funders:  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; the Fetzer Institute, Nathan Cummings Foundation, The Kohlberg Foundation, Inc., John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Lawrence D. Rockefeller Foundation

1999:   “Facing the Truth, with Bill Moyers” (120 min) ; © Public Affairs Television,  Inc;  PBS; Funders:  W K Kellogg Foundation;  Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, and  Mutual of America Life Insurance Co.

Shooting in notorious apartheid era prison in Johannesburg, South Africa

1998:    “The Hijacked Brain” (60 min);  Close to Home:  Moyers on Addiction (4 part series) © Public Affairs Television, Inc. PBS; Funders:  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation & Mutual of America Co.

1997:    “Shattering the Silences,” (90 min); © Gail Pellett Productions Inc; PBS Funders:  The Ford Foundation, Schumann Foundation

1995:  “What Can We Do About Violence?” Moyers – Adult Time for Juvenile Crime in Dade County, Florida – segment for 4 hr series, PBS © PAT

1994:    “The Great Health Care Debate, with Bill Moyers,”  Listening to America; PBS; © Public Affairs Television Inc; Funders:  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Mutual of America Life Insurance Company, John D & Catherine T MacArthur Foundation

1993:    “The New Holy War” (60 min);  PBS; © Public Affairs Television Inc;

1992:    “Families First”, (90 min);  PBS; © Public Affairs Television Inc;

1992:     “Women in Politics” & “The Religious Right,”  Listening to America, PBS; ©PAT Inc

Shooting in township outside Capetown, South Africa

1991:   “Spirit & Nature,  (90 min);  PBS © Public Affairs Television Inc;

1991:    “The Songs Are Free”  (60 min);  World of Ideas, with Bill Moyers,  PBS © Public Affairs Television, Inc.

1990:     “World of Ideas Part II with Bill Moyers,”  PBS, ©PAT Inc; Toni Morrison – 2 parts, Chinua Achebe, Bhurati Mukharjee, Tom Wolfe, E.L. Doctorow, Tu Wei Ming, Murray Gelmann, Vartan Gregorian, and more

1990:    “Concern for Community:  Ernie Cortes w/ Bill Moyers,” (60 min); © Public Affairs Television, Inc.;  PBS

1989:  “Consuming Images,” (60 min) The Public Mind series, PBS;  © PAT Inc.

1988:  “World of Ideas, Part I with Bill Moyers,”  PBS, © PAT Inc;

1987:   “Battle for the Bible,” (60 min) God & Politics series,with Bill Moyers, PBS, © PAT Inc.

1987:   “In Search of the Constitution:  Justice Brennan,” “Harry Blackman,” “God & the Constitution,” Assoc Producer; Madeline Amgott, Producer/Director,  PBS,  © PAT

1985-86: “…and the Cowboys Write Verses All Day,” Mother Jones;  “Scorched Flowers:  Is there Art After Liberation?” Village Voice; “Ti Legliz,”  New Age;  “Christian Rock,” Washington Post; “Post-Duvalier Dreams”  Village Voice;     “Cowboy Poet,”  NBC’s Today Show;

1984/83:    “Software Entrepreneurs;”  “Grandma Moses,”  “Mardi Gras Indian,” “Sculpture Chicago,”   “Primitivism at MOMA,” “Flying Barber,” “Sunnyside Acres,”   “Kabul, Missouri,”  “Storytelling Festival,”  etc.  MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour, PBS

1982-83:   Senior Women;  Artists Respond to the Neutron Bomb;  Love and Marriage in China  –  The Journal, NPR;   Zeitgeist – German Immigrants in the U.S. – American Public Radio; “Who’s Out There? Radio Beijing and its Audience Problem,”  The Quill

1980:     “Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn,”  “Marty the Seltzer Man,”  World Journal, NBC

Shooting in a vodou temple at night in Crois-des-Bouquets, Haiti

1979:   “Storytelling Festival:  Myth & Dream, Folktales, Faeries and the Supernatural, etc.”  WNYC-FM, New York; Undocumented Workers, 3 part series;  Quebec for Quebecois;  Kids Talk About Divorce, Marty, the Seltzer Man – NPR’s All Things Considered

1978:    “Ra-Ra,”  “Haitian Art,”  “Haitian Artists: Salnave Philippe August ,       Rigaud Benoit, Prefete Duffaut, Celestin Fasutin, Max Gerbier, Jacques Enguerrand-Gourgue,  Serge Jolimeau, Jasmin Joseph,  George Liataud, Philome Obin , Andre Pierre, Bernard Sejourne , Gerard Valcin;  Brooklyn Museum, Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit

1977:    “Artists respond to the Bi-Centennial”  &  “Lewis Hine,”  Brooklyn Museum, 1976

1976:      “Winning Isn’t Everything,” (30 min)  Assoc Producer with Tom Shachtman, Producer/Director, NBC, Documentary series

1975-76:    The Immigrant Experience:  3 part series;  The Bread Givers, a dramatic reading;   The City in Crisis, Senior Citizens,  I won’t Get Down on My Knees – Domestic workers in New York;  Tribute to Victoria Spivey,  In Memoriam – Franco (a play);  All Day Teach-in on Southern Africa (live and pre-produced);  News and Public Affairs Director, WBAI-FM, New York;

1973-75   Prostitution;  Homeless Women;  The Classic Women’s Blues:  2 parts;  Women in Film;   Women in Prison;  Bonnie Raitt –  Why I Sing the Blues;  Tracey Nelson;  Economic reports (a series),  WBCN-FM, Boston

1969 – 73:  Jane’s Story;  Wind of Change – a 16 part feminist soap opera;  Women Classic Blues Singers,   KDNA, St. Louis; Women’s News Hour,  KPFA-Pacifica





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  1. Randy Pellett says:

    Gail I just came accros your page and very impressed with your work and especially the article on Christian Music. I wonder….are we realted somehow? Many of your values are mine as well and appreciate your dedication.
    I have been involved in Christian music for the last 25 years and recently released a CD of original songs and working CD 2 & 3. As a matter of fact when I was setting up LLC’s I wanted Pellett Productions but you already had it! Kudos! If you get a moment check out our webiste at As an indie band, publisher and record label we are working our way into the tough market. It use to be easier but as you know Christian Music is huge now and the business is no different than secular these days.
    I would be happy to send you a free download code if you’d like just for fun to see what the other Pellett’s ae doing!:)) Blessings and keep up the fight. Randy Pellett

  2. Karen Malpede says:

    Thank you for this inspired and inspiring website and for this volume of amazing work. Now, I want, most especially, to see Mary W. on the tv screen…

    Really impressive body of work!


  3. Gail Pellett says:

    Hi Randy, thanks for your message. Sorry I’m a bit late responding. I have no idea if we’re related, I come from Canada. How about you? I plan to check out your website next. Good luck with all your endeavors!

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