Seniors Demonstration NYC 1975
Produced and reported by Gail Pellett
Writer: Gail Pellett
Presented by: WBAI-Pacifica New York
Aired on: Pacifica     Date: 1975


People demonstrating after President Ford said "Drop Dead" to bailing out NYC

In 1975 New York City experienced a severe fiscal crisis.  Every week communities demonstrated against the drastic cuts in city services — fire houses, libraries, swimming pools and schools were closed.  City College students faced increased tuition fees and everyone dug deeper for increased subway fares while services were cut.  President Gerald Ford made his infamous response:  Drop Dead to bailing out the city.  In October, 1975, some ten thousand senior citizens demonstrated in front of City Hall to protest the closing of a hundred senior centers.  This report was so popular it aired numerous times during the fiscal crisis on WBAI.

March, 2011, senior demonstration opposing the closing of centers

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This piece of reporting resonates with the severe fiscal challenges facing cities and states today. Once again, in the spring of 2011, seniors in New York City demonstrated against the closing of senior centers. But their numbers were nothing like the outpouring in 1975.


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