Serge Jolimeau – Haitian sculptor
Haitian Art
Producer, Director, Cinematographer - Gail Pellett
Writer, Narrator - Gail Pellett
Production Company: The Brooklyn Museum - 1978

Demon by Serge Jolimeau, 1977

This mini-doc (4:20) was part of a series of mini-docs of thirteen artists — masters of Haitian painting and sculpture — who were included in the first major exhibit of Haitian Art in the U.S. at The Brooklyn Museum in 1978.  Ute Stebich, the curator of this exhibit of painting, sculpture and papier mache objects, conducted the original interviews that are featured here.   The artist videos were part of a video jukebox featured in the galleries where the work was displayed.  Two other longer video documentaries were screened on monitors in the galleries — an introduction to Haitian Art and Ra-Ra, a Haitian festival.  This was the first time video documentaries were screened in monitors inside the galleries — together with the art  — of a major museum rather than in little side booths.

The artists included in this video juke box were:  Painters:  Philome Obin, Rigaud Benoit, Salnave Philippe -Auguste, Jasmin Joseph, Gerard Valcin, Prefete Duffaut, Andre Pierre, Jacques -Enguerrand Gourgue, Bernard Sejourne, Max Gerbier, Celestin Faustin;  and the sculptors:  Georges Liautaud and Serge Jolimeau.

Serge Jolimeau — unlike some of the other so-called “naive” artists finished his schooling in his home village of Croix-des-Bouquettes, then an agricultural community and where his family were farmers. He started working in 1972 with another metal sculptor, Cerisier LouisJuste and both were, of course, influenced by the founder of metal sculpture — Georges Liautaud.


Breaking News

In 2007, Serge Jolimeu was honored by the Clinton Global Initiative together with the Santa Fe International Folk Art Festival and awarded one of the prestigious prizes and showing of his work as an artist who has used re-cycled materials and fostered employment for artisans in his economically distressed community of Croix-des-Bouquetes. In the pre-Christmas shopping period of 2010 -- 10 months after the devastating earthquake in Haiti - The Clinton Global Initiative worked out an arrangement with Macy's around the country to sell artisan created, folk-art from Jolimeau's workshop in Croix-des-Bouquetes.


3 Responses to “Serge Jolimeau – Haitian sculptor”

  1. Eileen reingold says:

    I own a sculpture by Serge jolimeau which hangs on my wall-a metal cutout of a mermaid. this piece I treasure and it is surrounded by works by paul manship, alexander archipenko, gaston lachaise, elie nadelman, harriet frishmuth, anna hyatt huntington, and augustus st. gaudens.

  2. Richard Siegel says:

    My mother did some work with Serge, she was an art teacher from St. Croix. She gave me one of his early works and when she died I got a set of two mermaids. He is amazing. They hang on the entrance well to my home in Spain and astound everyone who passes by. As his work is in metal it lasts and the sun really does not affect it so outside display is possible. Astounding works.

  3. Gail Pellett says:

    Thank you, Richard, for posting your comment on this site. Yes, Jolimeau’s work is very special. I have a couple of his pieces in my apartment in New York as well. And, yes, they work best against that sunbaked white Caribbean or Spanish walls!

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